Schunke Design

Design Portfolio of Christopher Schunke


Digital Content Manager with over 12 years experience designing, developing and overseeing the creation of IT training products.


What I can bring to the table


Product Strategy

Translate strategic goals into development requirements


UI Development and UX testing

Team Lead

Manage, coach and work with team members in a variety of job roles

Graphic Design

Identifies and designs based on audience needs


Recent Projects

Oversee the design, production and publication of digital training content for the Learning Platform. This learning content is skills-based IT training for global Enterprises, and my role is to develop the guidelines, processes and best practices for the authors. Development considerations are both for our learners’ goals, as well as for our internal team’s production efficiencies. Manage an agile team of developers, whose job is to build tools and digital assets, based on strategic requirements. Interface between the Product owners and the DevOps team, interpreting the strategic goals of the product into requirements and design data for the content and engineering team.

A major focus was populating the Learning Platform with content from our LCMS. The LCMS exports XML content with a particular schema. The Learning Platform imports XML of a different schema called OLX. Much of the work was converting this data through XSLT and testing that it rendered properly in the platform. Processes were set up with DevOps so that the OLX could be pushed to Git, and then automatically imported into our platform

Optimizing the user experience within the Learning Platform is something that continually happens. Reviewing user feedback and stakeholder goals help drive our roadmap. Below are just some of the platform improvements we've implemented thanks to user feedback and testing.


A major component missing from an OnDemand course, compared to an Instructo-led course is the Instructor. Adding in a Mentoring feature to the courseware allows for students to still interact with an expert in an OnDemand course. This happens either through 24/7 chat support, or through email directly to the Subject Matter Expert.

Course Timing Guide

When a student takes an eLearning course, it's very important for them to understand the time they need to commit. This course timing guide breaks down each module within the course to its estimated completion time. Times are dynamically aggrigated based on video times, lab times, and default times set to learning assets such as static text, activities and exercises.

Matrix Activity

The matrix activity is a new activity type that was built to accomodate a table that the student would fill out. This is similar to matching, but is built in a more structured way so that students choose multiple columns that match with each row.

Staff Ungraded Assignment

Many of our labs are based on software that the students use on their own machine. In order to assess the student's progress in the lab, they need to send a specific status to the expert for review. We built this Staff Ungraded Assignment so that students can upload a file with some notes, and send them to the course's Expert. The expert can then respond with any feedback for the student.